Wednesday, July 23, 2003

On Monday, I rode up Runyon Canyon, weaving past the beautiful people and their dogs, then coasted down into Cahuenga Pass, off of Mulholland Drive. I planned on circling the Hollywood Resevoir before dropping down into Hollywood for the ride home - but the resevoir was closed! So I had climb back up the north side of Cahuenga Pass, drop back down into the pass and then climb back up to Mulholland, and then I dropped down winding Nichols Canyon. I rode more than 20 miles and climbed over 2400 feet.

I took a day off on Tuesday. Today, I rode about 48 miles and 2500 feet, first to the L.A. Zoo parking lot, then up to Montrose with the Wheelmen. I returned to Griffith Park, but not the Zoo, opting to climb up to the Observatory, before heading home.

We leave Friday for June Lake, on the east side of the Sierra Nevada, and Saturday I will try to surmount Tioga Pass. I'll probably ride 10 miles and do a few hills, tomorrow, to stay loose, and I need to purchase some Goo and energy bars.

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