Thursday, November 20, 2003

My last post was in early September, when I was complaining about back pains - well, pains that seemed to migrate all over my upper torso. Then they largely disappeared after I asked my doctor if my pains could be originating in my mind.

Unfortunately for me, I still have pain - usually reduced from their height back in August and early September, but with me none the less. The pain moves around - it's in my neck, now - and it's getting old.

Meanwhile, I've barely ridden my bike. I did manage to ride the San Luis Obispo Century, just after returning from eight days in Yellowstone (and assorted locations) on a photo trip. I barely rode my bike to get into shape for the ride - and it showed, as I couldn't keep up with my brother, after a while. But I did finish, pain and lack of conditioning be damned!

That was in late September. It's November and I've probably only put a dozen miles or so on the bike - well, it's been cold, it's been smokey, I've been hurtin, days are short..........

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