Tuesday, June 02, 2009

More Photographs from Arizona


Wes said...

Hi Dave

Good stirring of the viper's nest that is the BSNYC comments page.

Irony nearly can't be done by email (where is the raised eyebrow key), and what do I know, maybe some of the commenters actually know you, or of you. It seems you've done more than your fair share of exploring.

Anyway, all I wanted to say was great photos on here and I hope daring to speak your mind didn't hurt.

I'm rambling here, but you should check out the comments when they get started on tattoos.

Oh yeah, and first.

More specifically, I've been a fan of the Rapha website, which includes engagingly pretentious ad copy for some of the most expensive cycling clothing on the face of the planet,

Jean Ray said...

Hi Dave. It sounds like you and your brother had a great trip. You certainly got some great shots. I especially like the road shot and the sepia toned portrait, but they're all good.