Monday, March 08, 2010

"Let’s Make Evolution Happen on Mars."

Occasionally I'll peruse other blogs. Recently, on one of these blogs I found a list of "problems" with "Atheism." I'm at a loss to know whether or not the writer (who is not the author of the blog) is serious, or has tried create a spoof; this is just one of his several comments. Either way, much of this one is a hoot:

From Justin:

"I have many and I mean many problems with your religion, Atheism.

1. Kills people.
2. For the reason of no law.
3. Blacks are less evolved, racism.
4. Ignorant of other religions.
5. Always seeking but never knowing.
6. Daniel Dennet is a good philosopher.
7. Blaims religion for evil, doesn’t evaluate itself.
8. Denies roles in communism.
9. Lustful followers.
10. Don’t read or explore other religions.
11. Anarchy.
12. Let’s conquer and ‘f*ck up’ western Europe.
13. Science is the only way.
14. Falsely lead by decievers.
15. Nature is our god, but were still Atheists.
16. Homosexuality is natural.
17. Abortion is a woman’s right.
18. Hate religous people.
19. Thinks Bible is B.S, yet they don’t read it.
20. Jihad means Holy war.
21. Everythings a theory, apart from science.
22. Masturbation and porn are natural.
23. Masturbation and porn is not a drug.
24. Spiderman is proof God is not real.
25. The BNP don’t support rape.
26. Magic mushrooms are natural.
27. 9/11 is proof there is no God.
28. Deny Bible prophecy.
29. We don’t use circular reasoning you do.
30. Let’s make evolution happen on Mars.
31. The universe made itself.
32. 3+3=900000. (that’s Atheism.)

So you see why I am not an Atheist."

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Anonymous said...

It must be a spoof, cause a "True Believer" would list 33 reasons, one for each year in the life of The Lord Jesus.