Friday, July 30, 2010

Hit By a Van

I'm fine. This early evening, though, a van made a right turn in front of me, and I smacked into the right side-view mirror, which luckily was a break-away version, with my left shoulder. It's the first time I've been hit by a vehicle in more than two decades.

I never felt like I was in danger of going under the wheels, and it happened too fast for adrenalin to flow, but as soon as the van turned to the right, I was aware I was aware I was probably going to make contact. Despite jerking the handlebars to the right as hard as I could, I was a little angry with myself, and slightly shocked, for not having the skill to avoid the collision, In retrospect, once the driver turned into my path, there could be no other conclusion.

The driver pulled over, got out of the van, and took full responsibility. I had come to a wobbly stop on the sidewalk and a few bystanders asked if I was OK. I seemed to be, and after a calm conversation in which I admonished the driver to be more watchful of cyclists (and I made a photograph of the van and the license plate), we parted company, I pedaled off, apparently none the worse for wear.

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