Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not A Typical Day at the Bull Ring
Or: A King Kong New York Moment

Warning: Graphic content below.

I'm opposed to capitol punishment. On the other hand, I think we should get what we deserve.

In the video below, a few humans are allowed by fate to experience a little of what a bull probably undergoes in the last few minutes of its life, as it's chased around the bullring and stuck like a pincushion with a variety of long, sharp blades.

This is a genuinely scary video. While fate did not allow the bull, who won one for his species, to survive the afternoon's festivities, the other supposedly sentient creatures did escape with their lives.

The literally uplifting portion of the video is over the 00:12 second mark; it's OK to stop watching after that.

Perhaps some of the people at the bullring will think twice about watching the gory slaughter of another bull, at least in the same way they did before this bull soared to glory.

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