Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"True Grit"

On Sunday morning, I rode for a while with the Velo-La Grange cycling club. A long time ago, I raced with the club a few times. Rarely do I join the group for it's Sunday ride up Nichols Canyon and along Mulholland Drive; when i do, it's always painful pleasure. For this photograph, I carefully used my iPhone, PS Mobile software and The Best Camera software.

My Sunday morning ride map is here.

In the evening, I added a few miles to the day's totals with a ride in Palm Springs, on a putative visit to my aunt's home. I rode a few miles up to the entrance to the Taquitz Indian reservation, and around some of the residential streets that are bordered by golf courses and the desert mountains.

The Sunday evening ride map is here.

My Saturday ride is here.

For a larger-sized image, click on the photo.

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