Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pedicabs in the Philippines

Pedicabs Cleared For Use In Downtown Los Angeles
But Will They Fly

As an admitted liberal, I know society needs rules promulgated by the government. And government must attempt to make rules stick. We do need to regulate, for example, the quality of food served to the public, we need to regulate the safety features of aircraft that fly the public, we need to rules for the operation of banks and other financial institutions (that is, NOW we do).

However, bureaucracy exists to maintain itself, and one of the few ways for bureaucrats to do that is by coming up with an unending supply of sometimes unnecessary rules. Eventually, though, some of these rules can collapse upon themselves under their own weight.

Case in point: The proposed rules for operating pedicabs in Los Angeles - they seem so detailed and complex as to suggest that L.A. doesn't deserve a fleet of pedicabs. Read about it here.

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