Thursday, November 04, 2010


Like Father, Like Daughter

What possessed my younger daughter, Nora, to put on a wig and moustache while visiting us on Halloween, I do not know. Perhaps it had something to do with my new haircut. Nor do I know if the wig and moustache were in our home when she arrived, or if Nora brought them with her.

I do know she and her older sister, Rebecca, had put time in earlier in the day, carving a pumpkin, as they had done for so many years when they were young children. It's something they hadn't doing shared in a long while; watching work in tandem let warm waves of nostalgia wash over me.

And I know that sometime during the evening, Nora remembered there was an old poster of me in a closet. She pulled the poster out into the dinning room, and asked me if I still had the leather hat that I wore in the old photograph. Indeed I did.

A few minutes later, wig, moustache and hat in place, with the photograph of me in the background, Nora posed for me (her sister's hands are holding up the photo). Nora looked hilariously close to the way I'd looked when I mugged for the camera a little under four decades ago. It's been a while since we have all shared such a terrific laugh together. Nora is a good mimic and comedian.

It took a just little pleading to make Rebecca agree to try on the wig and moustache, too.

I'm glad both my kids can be good sports, and it was a treat to have them both home on Halloween, in or out of costume.

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