Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This post is an SOS for a good friend, Rosemarie Astwood. She is a good person. And she needs a job.

I don't know if she'd approve of me making a plea for her here. Her situation, though, has become desperate - as it is for so many people around the world.

She has terrific skills as a writer (technical writing, editing, environmental reports, newsletters, etc). She also has skills with page lay-out programs. She has excellent skills with a computer.

She has skills as an organizer - she's helped me put together some of my recent photo trips - and she has a photographic memory. She is a former Navy officer who served in the Gulf War in 1990. And she is a superb photographer; we met when she joined me on one of my trips some years ago. (To see how talented she is with a camera, click

Yet, like so many others, she has not been able to find employment since being laid off at the height of the economic melt-down. She should be working, not worrying about where and how she is going to live after the next few weeks.

If you've got a line on a job for someone with Rosemarie's talents, i.e. if you know someone who is looking to hire someone like Rosemarie, or if you have need of someone like Rosemarie, please contact her at sunlightpix@yahoo.com. Or contact me.

At the moment, Rosemarie is in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she's lived for a few decades. While I know she wants to be able to stay where her home and heart are, she will go anywhere she can find work. She can, with her computer, work as a telecommuter out of her apartment, too.

Perhaps she doesn't want to relocate to China or Belarus. Then again....

So many people need help for many problems we face in this world: finding work, finding food, fighting illness, war.

When an out-of-work person finds work, the renewed productivity benefits us all. It's not trickle-down economics. When enough of us find employment, it will be akin to the rising tide that lifts all ships.

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